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GD Magnum Spinnerbait
If your goal is to catch the monster Golden Dorado at L Zona some of these GD Magnum Spinnerbaits should be on your "must have" list. These are monster baits built to handle the monster Golden Dorado. Wire is durable .062 diameter hardened steel. Primary willowleaf blades are #8 and Colorado blades are #8 as well. Double 10 inch silicone skirts with 8 inch curly tail grub.  Gamakatsu 8/0 Siwash hook is attached to spinnerbait head with a 200 lb rated 3x coil stainless steel Wolverine split ring and a 370 lb Spro swivel. The articulated head (see the picture below) robs the fish the leverage of the weight of the spinnerbait to dislodge the hook during jumps.

Available in 2 weights; 6.5 oz and 5 oz. These weights are of the the completed spinnerbait. The spinnerbait head alone on the large one is 2.75 oz .and the head alone on the smaller one is 1.25 oz.

Available in 4 colors. Each bait comes with extra set of skirts and an 8 inch grub.

Before you purchase please read the description and understand that these are huge spinnerbaits made for 50 plus lbs. fish.