by K Lures

Kwick Klips
The use of Klick Klips is an effective way of making quick and easy change of lures. A switch from one lure to another can be done in a flash. The Kwick  Klip to lure connection facilitates each type of lure you may be using to have the action each lure was designed to have on retrieve. Kwick Klips are available in 3 sizes to accommodate big blue gills to big game fish. Made of stainless steel and are strong enough to hold anything you hook.
Small: 2/3 inch long 
(19 mm)

Strength rating:40 lbs.
Medium:1 inch long 
(25 mm)

Strength rating:150 lbs.
Large: 1 1/8 inches 
(28 mm)

Strength rating:200 lbs.
Pack Size
Available in 3 sizes; Small, Medium, and Large
Available in a 10 Count or a 20 Count
The end to attach the line to
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